Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our technology allows an e-BodyGuard Community Member to simply speak the safety phrase “e-BodyGuard NOW!” up to a distance of 30 feet.

In an emergency, getting to your phone and being able to handle it accurately may be difficult. If 911 can be activated by voice, it’s more accurate, much faster and enhances your personal safety.

Our Emergency Routing Services GPS is accurate to within 4 meters, and Dynamic GPS tracks the handset wherever it


We believe everyone should be entitled to a free safety solution.

e-BodyGuard is a safety and wellness company; we do not sell your personal private information. In addition, e-BodyGuard

is FBI CJIS Compliant, which means we abide by the highest standards in America for receiving, handling and distributing evidence.

Criminal Justice Information Services is the largest division within the FBI, and the largest provider of crime data in America.

Organizations with this certification have demonstrated that their technology can safeguard and protect private and sensitive data.

You have 15 seconds to enter your deactivation code and cancel the call.

e-BodyGuard’s technology creates an immediate call to 911 when voice-activated or by pushing the SOS Button. e-BodyGuard’s connection is already directly integrated into the 911 dispatch centers in America. This means your call does not route through a third-party call center, which saves time. Every minute counts when it’s an emergency and lives are at stake.