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eDiscovery: A Technological Innovation
In 2015, e-BodyGuard Founder & CEO Melissa Faith Hart co-pioneered and led the execution of automating over 300 Colorado law enforcement agencies from the District Attorneys’ offices into the court system.

eDiscovery Has Solved Critical Problems
It has sped up the entire discovery process, regardless of the type of crime (assault, shooting, vandalism, abduction, sexual assault, trafficking, theft, mugging, burglary, murder, homicide, etc). e-BodyGuard enables agencies to communicate and integrate such information in a highly efficient and secure process.

Noteable Improvements
Video discovery efficiency, easier trial convictions, increased pleas, increased case clearances, trial reductions for “It’s Not Me” defenses, and fewer misidentifications. Colorado is the only state in the nation to have such digital case management capabilities, aiding law enforcement in investigations, arrests and convictions.

Bridging Interoperable Gaps Through Technology and Community Engagement
We build trust, teamwork, respect and partnership between law enforcement and the community. Keeping up with new innovations that hit the market is difficult for the consumer, let alone for the police officer, detective, district attorney, judge and all others involved within the court system.

Over 240 Million Calls Per Year Go Through 911 Telecommunication Centers
Having accurate data is paramount, not only for immediate location of the caller, but also to digitally preserve all evidence. e-BodyGuard protects data during and after an emergency event. e-BodyGuard’s proprietary technology (along with its FBI CJIS compliance and secure, uneditable cloud storage), ensures a legal 911 call that is admissible in a US court of law as chain of custody evidence.

Safety Card
This proprietary technology provides first responders greater information before they arrive on scene, allowing for better tactical decisions. Whether medical, family, evacuation, mental health challenges, pet or other special needs, the more information our first responders have prior to arrival on scene, the more informed their decisions will be.

Justice Equation

Burden of Production
• Law enforcement, crime scene evidence, case management: the Who, What, When & Where

Burden of Persuasion
• District Attorney, State’s Attorney & Prosecutors—the Why

Burden of Proof
• Proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict perpetrators

Increased Efficiency
• body-worn cameras
• reduced discovery violations
• automatic reminders of missing reports
• notification when supplemental information needs to be added to discovery
• the ability to update the system as workflow needs change.

GPS Hyper-Location Accuracy
• accurate within four meters
• VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology
• dynamic tracking feature (whether at home, traveling, in parks, hiking, indoors or outdoors)

e-BodyGuard’s technology provides a voice for the victims, whether dealing with harm, hurt, theft, aggression, assault or homicide. It helps restore the trust and respect of the community for the brave and courageous men and women in law enforcement, while significantly adding safety to the community in general. Through technology, e-BodyGuard has designed an effective means to help make our US communities safer again.

*Although we cannot guarantee that calls will always be received, e-BodyGuard’s new technology is being received at 911 call centers without cellular technology. Therefore, we are your beacon of hope, as even in previously dead areas, your emergency call can now make it through to 911. Although initiated, receipt of messages by the appropriate 911 Communications Center is dependent upon a variety of factors beyond e-BodyGuard’s control; therefore, e-BodyGuard disclaims any guarantee that such messages will be received.