Setting Up the App

1. Register

At first launch, you will be prompted to fill out your name, phone number, email address, password and a deactivation code. You will be sent a confirmation email and/or text to verify your identity. After you confirm, your account will be activated.

Your 4-digit deactivation code will be used to cancel an accidental call to the 911 service. You will have 15 seconds to enter this code after calling 911.

2. Home Page

When you press the red SOS button, a voice will announce “911, what is your emergency?”

You are not connected to the 911 call center yet!

A timer will begin a 15-second countdown, during which you may enter your 4-digit deactivation code if you wish to cancel the call.

When you are connected to the 911 center you will see Screen Six (below).

3. Main Menu

You may change your profile settings or re-train your voice activation phrase. You can even invite friends to share the app. The Wellness area has some informative videos, and you may leave a message for the Support Desk if you wish.

We’ll cover the App Settings button in Screen Five (below).

4. Voice Training

The voice engine will
record your safety phrase, “e-BodyGuard Now!” three times. Press and hold the green button while you speak it. Press “Next” after each time.

We recommend you change your voice level slightly each time to reflect different stress levels.

5. App Settings

You may toggle the voice recognition feature here.
If disabled, you can only make an emergency call by pressing the red SOS button on the Home screen.

Be sure Dial 911 on Emergency is ON to make a 911 call. Dial 911 and Test 911 cannot be enabled simultaneously.

6. Test 911

To test the emergency system, enable Test 911 in the App Settings. Dial 911 will turn OFF.

To activate a test call, press the red SOS button on the Home screen or speak your safety phrase. Follow the voice instructions to complete the process.

When finished, be sure to re-enable Dial 911 on Emergency.

7. App Settings

If you want the audio around you to be recorded during a 911 call, enable Audio Evidence Recording. You may also set the default duration of the recording.

To keep track of your location during a 911 call, set the Location Sharing duration and frequency during a 911 call.

8. e-BodyGuards

You may add an e-BodyGuard contact here who will be notified by SMS text that you have made a 911 call. They will also receive your GPS location on a map display.

9. Connect

Text a message to your selected e-BodyGuard contact in a non-emergency situation.

Press the green button to send the message along with your current location. They will receive your GPS location on a map display.

That’s It!

You’re Connected and Ready!