Melissa Faith Hart



Melissa Faith Hart spent 17 years in corporate America, mostly with Xerox. Previously, the North America Public Safety Strategist for Conduent; she co-pioneered eDiscovery for the State of Colorado. eDiscovery is a technological innovation integrating 363 law enforcement agencies all the way through the District Attorneys’ Offices into the Court System. It is the first of it’s kind making Colorado the only state in the nation to have such capabilities. Innovating again, Melissa and her Executive Team are bringing eBodyGuard to the market. Together, these two solutions can finally create swift due process.

Melissa is CJIS Compliant and served on multiple Law Enforcement non-profits. She has been affectionately termed the “Law Enforcement Ambassador” within the technology space. As a survivor of a violent crime, Melissa remains committed to her passion for saving lives and making a difference in the Criminal Justice Community.