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What is the My eBodyGuard Profile?

eBodyGuard’s novel My eBodyGuard App presents the eBodyGuard Profile. The eBodyGuard Profile, together with the My eBodyCam, provides you and your family the power to share private data, medical history, safety concerns all in a private secure cloud (the My eBodyGuard Portal) linked to our nation’s first responders (the My eBodyGuard First Responder Portal) in real time before, during, and after the most critical moments of keeping you and your family safe. This gives you, finally, the safety you deserve, through the use of a revolutionary human-centric designed platform that bridges 911 Operators, First Responders, and the justice system.  We are the bridge, keeping you safe wherever you are. 

How Does It Work?

Speak your safety phrase, “eBodyGuard NOW” for voice activation or tap “Call 911” and the app will log a direct call to the nearest 911 Call Center. Your GPS location is captured (within several feet), then shared with 911 and your SOS Contacts (the “eBodyGuards” set in your profile). The app begins audio recording the scene, even before 911 can answer your call. With the optional eBodyCam feature you can collect video recordings, which are stored securely in the cloud and can’t be deleted, destroyed, or altered.

You and your family want to live life and feel safer in public settings and capture objective evidence in the event of a crime: your voice, your needs, your location, and your evidence. The Safety Card locks the data you choose to store for record-keeping, and for transmission to 911:

  • Family members
  • Pets
  • Medical conditions
  • Vehicles
  • Anti-bullying, harassment, stalking
  • Protection Orders

You can also view the information from your 911 call which includes: your Safety Card, the eBodyCam video, as well as any other documents you choose to upload after the 911 call at You can access your information using a reference number we provide you that will match the reference number the law enforcement will also be provided should there be a court proceeding.

eBodyGuard provides pinpoint accuracy, transparency, access to information, distribution of information, and efficiencies that have never been achieved.

eBodyGuard is the only technology on the market that holds government compliances to ensure your data is secure and can be used in the court process: FBI CJIS, HIPPA compliance, COPPA, NIST, and NG-911.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Luckily I haven’t had to use this app yet, but I feel much safer knowing I have it. The functionality and user-friendly features are exceptional.” – Ryan Drengler


“Parents should get this for their children As a parent of a son and two daughters, I feel this app provides a level of safety that helps me know they can get help when they need it. All parents should check this app out.” – Kgiamett


I’m in real estate so it is great to know eBodyGuard is there if I need it and the location technology is the best I’ve found.” – Darcy Truppo


Get this app now! As a self-defense instructor, THIS is the app! I want ALL my friends and students to use it.  This app is easy to use and it’s a game changer. – UMACproductions