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We are the bridge.

“e-BodyGuard is a technological game changer for police to locate you during critical situations! The mobile phone app allows family members and police officers to know your exact location during a crisis with either the touch of a button or the simple words ‘e-BodyGuard Now’. Dispatch Centers across our country now have the ability to send an officer to your crisis location if you take the time to download the e-BodyGuard App.”

John MackeyBoard Member

“eBodyguard is a game changer for policing. With eBodyguard, law enforcement is able to quickly and accurately respond to calls for assistance, prosecutors have video, audio and physical evidence previously unavailable to them, and victims can take back control over their safety and wellness. Everybody wins with eBodyguard except the offender.”

Kevin PalettaChief of Police (Ret.)

“The importance of being able to connect with help when a victim of domestic violence needs it can’t be overstated. With the technology tools now being applied to make every part of our lives easier, increasing safety through mobile apps is a great addition. When one downloads eBodyguard to their phone, they have the ability to get help right away, and that very well could save their life.”

Rita SmithInternational Expert,
Violence Against Women
*Although we cannot guarantee that calls will always be received, e-BodyGuard’s new technology is being received at 911 call centers without cellular technology. Therefore, we are your beacon of hope, as even in previously dead areas, your emergency call can now make it through to 911. Although initiated, receipt of messages by the appropriate 911 Communications Center is dependent upon a variety of factors beyond e-BodyGuard’s control; therefore, e-BodyGuard disclaims any guarantee that such messages will be received.